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Missing Days and Martha Stewart

H was talking me down today, because I thought today was Friday. That's been happening most weeks, but since I'm not working I can't tell my days apart. He was all "hell, it's lockdown. No one knows what day it is. Storm day or not - that's all. ;)

Martha Stewart: I used to hate her. Like HATE. Since she went to prison, didn't come out with a tell-all book, did her time, and moved on. Classy. I can't believe Snoop hasn't coaxed her into cannabis edibles yet! (this is how my brain works now). I adore her, I respect her and I bet she's dry-hilarious.

There's been a plethora of medical people traipsing through the house, coordinating stuff like prescription delivery, a PSW to come in 1x/week (for now), physio, occupational, etc. I have to tell you, it's been weird. Like, why do all these people want to help me? Isn't this an awful fuss? I don't deserve all this. Don't make a big deal about me. I'm going to die anyway, why waste the resources on me-type of thinking.

I listen to the CBC One a lot, and it seems like a lot of their shows have the death experience as a topic. Interesting. Again, normalizing talking about end-of-life. This funeral director today describes it as not end-of-life, but just a part of life and being pragmatic about your planning, in all sorts of ways.

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