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Space Mountain

I was 8 the first time we went to Disneyworld. We went with our friends/cousins. You know where the parents and the kids get along so well and spend so much time together that they're really family? Like that. So the Jarvis family and the Jackson family are related.

Us 5 kids were pretty much 1-2 years apart in a descending order. "ColinAndreaSheriLeighGarth!" was a common refrain we heard around the neighbourhood.

So, Disneyworld. Those same 5 kids. And these were the days before all day passes, so it was individual tickets to rides. Yes, rlly. My mom, aunt and uncle took off [Ed.-probably to drink] and left my dad in charge of the 5 of us. We were all dancing around him like idiots - "another ride! let's go! c'mon Uncle Andy!" - and an older couple walked up to my dad and gave him all their tickets, saying "You look like you could use these more than us," and walked away, leaving my dad falling over himself with gratitude like you have no idea. We went on a LOT of rides after that. Multiple Mad Hatter Tea Party trips kind of thing.

Space Mountain at the time was *the* biggest ride at the park. My parents went on it first, to see if it was "safe". Oh, the sacrifices they made. lol After it was deemed appropriate enough and we met the height requirements my dad graciously offered to take each of us separately, so he could be the 2nd person in the car. So, he rode it 3 times in all, lucky bastard.

I was in Disneyworld recently to fulfill a bucket list item. I wanted to go on the Keys to the Kingdom Tour where you go backstage and see how the magic happens. It was amazing, but I can't ruin the magic and talk about. I feel silly, but I totally gave myself over to Disney and I respect the brand.

An item I didn't realize that an experience was on my bucket list. I could ride Space Mountain once [Ed.-or twice, to tie Dad's record] more. Creaky-boned though I am I didn't want to miss out on this one thing. Plus, there were plenty of others who needed assistance, so if it was safe for them I should be fine, eh? LightningLane, thank you! I waited in zero lineup.

It was just as big and scary as I what I thought when I was 8. I'm glad I did it. My dad would have been proud. And laughed his ass off.

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