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Bullet the Blue Dodge Omni

So this time, as gf-with-car of guitarist in band it was practically my job to drive to gigs and back. This one time we were headed from school to a show downtown TO. The Cabana Room, RIP. Made way for condos, alas.

Everybody puts their gear in my 1985 dark green basic-as-basic-gets Dodge Omni and we pile in. Did I mention there was weed being smoked? No? Well, there you have it. [Ed. - I would smack me silly for my idiocy, too but what do you say to a highly verbal, conniving, analytical, smart ass teenager? Possible reason I never had children?]

This was the year of Joshua Tree, that U2 album that was ne plus ultra popular that spring of 1987. Bullet the Blue Sky came on the radio and we were just hitting the Humber Bump [Ed.- Years ago, on the Gardiner Eastbound in Toronto there was this bump in the highway, right around Palace Pier (the very first waterfront condos in Toronto). Noticeable enough that sometimes, when conditions were right you could catch air.].

Conditions were perfect. Bright sunny spring afternoon, blaring tunes, singing our heads off, blasting down the highway, seeing the city rise up before us with so much promise, feeling freaking invincible like only teenagers can. And the air happened, and it was perfect.

That's a keeper.

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