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Big Jumps I Have Made

I have this thing I guess. Jumping over stuff physically at the start of big adventures. A list

  • The step to kindergarten on the first day

  • Over the door stoop as I moved to the city for school. The parents knew I'd never come home again, really.

  • Off that same stoop as I left on my travels through Africa and Europe. My backpack nearly knocked me over. That same backpack I carried like a small clutch as I ran through the airport to see my parents when I returned home. My mother brought me peanut butter.

  • This one was on purpose: my dad walked me down the aisle to marry Harald. We were inside waiting and Bob, one of Andy's besties leaned over to me and said "I got the truck runnin' my dear, you let me know, eh?" Then it was go time and I jumped over the door frame on White Lake, gave him a smile and we continued on. It was a chocolate chip cookie moment, for sure.

I'm still jumping over things, if only metaphorically now. Like Super Mario. Bounce up, then down.

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